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CLC cutting complex

Technological line for cellular lightweight concrete production of non-autoclaved hardening.

The company ALVIKO provides with services:

  1. Testing of raw materials.
  2. Development of production formula.
  3. Technological development of the project.
  4. Development of technical specifications.
  5. Development of automation system.
  6. Production, packaging arrangement and delivery of basic technological equipment.
  7. Development and manufacture of nonstandard equipment, including a unit and production of forms.
  8. Chief-assembly and startup operations.
  9. Providing scientific and technical assistance in the selection of rational solutions of newly created or rebuilt plants.
  10. Production development.


  • simplicity of the technology;
  • a high degree of mechanization and automation;
  • qualitative indicators stability of product.

Main production indicators

Cutting Technology


Annual output, thousand m3


The number of working days per year


Number of shifts


Number of work places per shift


The main properties of products

  1. Lightness - the average solidity is 400-1000 kg/m3.
  2. High compressive strength - class of the strength from B0, 75 to B5 (from 10 to 82 kg/cm2).
  3. The high thermal insulation capacity - the thermal factor from 0,1 to 0,29 W / (m ° C).
  4. Frost resistance - not less than F25.
  5. High fire resistance – they stand a one-sided fire force of 4 to 7 hours.
  6. Easy workability - a well-sawn, drilled, nailed.
  7. Environmentally safe.

The foam concrete of non-autoclaved hardening is used for the manufacture of building blocks and other products, intended for use in the constructions of exterior and interior walls, blockings in dwelling buildings, socio-cultural facilities, and industrial construction.

The foam concrete of non-autoclaved hardening is made on the basis of:

  • portland (cement) M400, M500;
  • silica component, sand;
  • foamer;
  • water with a pH is not lower than 7.5;
  • additives.

Cutting machine for CLC

CLC cutting complex is used for longitudinal and transversal cutting of CLC blocks in pallets/trolleys. After the green-strength tunnel CLC blocks are skimmed by the skimming machine and moved in pallets to the cutting section. The holding period in the green-strength tunnel is timed so that CLC blocks could attain the strength of 0,2-0,5 kg per square centimeter. That is enough for them to be cut in pallets/trolleys. The holding period fluctuates from 4 to 6 hours. The blocks are moved along the train by pushers. The pallet/trolley is fixed by holders.

Particularities of the cutting complex:

  • Automated cutting process
  • Stability of geometric indices
  • Simplicity of operation

Technical characteristics:

  1. Size of a block (length, height, width), mm 1540x600x1640
  2. Cutting time (no more than), min 7
  3. Vertical movement speed of the strings, m per min 0,2 - 1,0
  4. Oscillation frequency 100
  5. Oscillation amplitude, mm 14
  6. Installed capacity 7,4
  7. Movement of neighboring strings oncoming
  8. Overall size (length, height, width), mm 3350x2150x2900
  9. Blade width, mm 2-4

Additional packagingfor cutting complex:

  • Skimming machine
  • De-moulder/mould return mechanism
  • Self-propelled trolley

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